Welcome to the MKA webpage!

Help us to keep access open for kiteboarding on the beautiful island of Maui.


ABOUT MKA: The Maui Kiteboarding Association was formed in 1998 to promote safe and responsible kiteboarding and to maintain access for kiteboarding.

UPDATE: Kanaha is always changing, new user groups emerge and every year more people use the beaches. So we need to be aware that is our obligation and kuleana (responsibility) to share the space with everyone, and ensure that each person can have fun and fair access, and be safe.

Number One Rule: The most important rule is never do any activity in a way that endangers the safety of other people or their property.  That means if you cannot do it safely, then do not do it at all.

ACTIVITIES: There are many different sports and activities with different needs, So it is important to understand not only your needs, but those of other users as well. Swimmers and Families using the beach will always have the highest priority, then fishermen and divers too will have priority over any watercraft. So please keep this in mind when you go to kiteboard on Maui, and try to help everyone to have a happy and stress free time.

RULES AND LAWS: There are many rules and laws concerning your activity on the beach as well as in the water. Most of the laws on land will apply in the water, as well as some special boating laws and rules that you need to follow as well. You are always responsible for your craft and your conduct while on the water so be mindful that your actions could have serious consequences. So you should know the rules and laws (and your obligations) before you attempt to go out here.


Report dangerous Kiteboarders: Anyone breaking the rules runs the risk of causing accidents and injuries to others. This is unacceptable behavior. Any complaints about kiters or accidents involving kiters can result in the drastic reduction of access or total loss of access for ALL kiters. Do not let anyone jeopardize our access or behave badly. Report all aggressive or reckless kiteboarders to the Parks Rangers, MPD, or DOBOR (DLNR).

  • Maui Police Department MPD Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Maui Police Department MPD Non-emergency: (808) 244-6400
  • Parks Rangers Enforcement: (808) 270-7230
  • DOBOR (DLNR) Maui: (808) 243-5824
  • DLNR Enforcement: (808) 643-DLNR