Kiteboarding rules and safety sailing procedures


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The right of way rules in kiteboarding

When it comes to preventing collisions at sea, kiteboarders are considered in the same category as a sailing boat. Learn how to protect yourself and others against dangerous clashes.

In 1972, the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea defined the rules and guidelines for all sailing crafts. The oceans and seas are full of vessels, yachts, fishing boats, and cargo ships, so there should be signals and regulation for all. Continue reading “The right of way rules in kiteboarding”

Unpermitted Kite Instruction is illegal at Kanaha Beach

Unpermitted Kite Instruction is illegal at Kanaha Beach. Only Permitted Schools are allowed to teach. Illegal Operations jeopardize the future of Kiteboarding by increasing Legal Liability of the County and Increase the Risk of Injury to the Public.

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Kanaha Beach Parking is Under Threat

Protect Our Access (URGENT): Kanaha Beach Parking is Under Threat: 

The Maui County has a Plan to “improve” Kanaha Park, that would remove the 4 parking areas, relocate available parking eastward, and eliminate all of the near-shore access parking in the western half of the beach park that kiters (and local families/fishermen etc) use. Continue reading “Kanaha Beach Parking is Under Threat”

Ho’okipa Kite Rules

Ho’okipa Rules

*Access is from launching at Lanes beach west of Hookipa.

These common-sense rules will keep us all safer and create a better rapport with windsurfers and surfers. Be aware of the potential dangers at Ho‘okipa! The wave is powerful, the lineup is small, and the rocks are close. Hookipa is strictly for advanced Kiters only. Know the ROW rules and surfing etiquette before riding there.

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