Ho’okipa Kite Rules

Ho’okipa Rules

*Access is from launching at Lanes beach west of Hookipa.

These common-sense rules will keep us all safer and create a better rapport with windsurfers and surfers. Be aware of the potential dangers at Ho‘okipa! The wave is powerful, the lineup is small, and the rocks are close. Hookipa is strictly for advanced Kiters only. Know the ROW rules and surfing etiquette before riding there.

Caution: A downed kite will present a danger to those on the inside, so always keep kite in control

CHECK IN WITH THE LIFEGUARDS BEFORE KITING HO‘OKIPA ! The lifeguards want to know everyone who kites here and want to share their safety concerns

Surfers always have right-of-way. Stay at least one kite length away from surfers, and off any wave they catch

Windsurfers and kiters have equal priority when catching waves. The rider who catches the wave first has right-of-way. If a wave is caught simultaneously, the upwind rider has right-of-way

Sharing a wave is common in both windsurfing and kiting, IF BOTH RIDERS AGREE. However, because of a kiter’s lines, it is recommended that the kiter surf downwind of the windsurfer

Be aware that windsurfers do not catch as many waves in light and fluky conditions, so show some aloha and give them the waves they can catch

If a lifeguard sounds one blast during your transition it is a warning: you did something unsafe. Two blasts means you must leave. Talk to the lifeguards later and ask them to explain their concerns. Three blasts means all kiters must leave. A siren means keep the channel clear, so lifeguards can launch their rescue craft

CONSIDER YOUR ABILITIES BEFORE KITING HO‘OKIPA. If you are not experienced in extreme conditions do not ride Ho‘okipa and chance endangering someone else or yourself. Remember, you are kiting with some of the best windsurfers and kiters in the world. Please show them and the lifeguards the respect they deserve and we will all have a great time

Finally, Ho‘okipa means hospitality and our ability to kite there depends on mutual respect of all ocean users