Kiteboarder Conduct

Many people new to watersports may need to be informed about some basic rules that apply to watercraft. These rules are fairly universal and apply to all craft and all locations.

Responsibility: You are responsible for your craft, and you are responsible for any damage or injury it causes.

Safe Conduct: You must always operate your craft in a safe manner that poses no danger to other persons or property.

Proper Lookout: You must always look where you are going, and you are responsible for seeing and avoiding other people and obstacles.

Blocking Access Rights: You must never block another person’s access or impede the progress of another person or watercraft. You have no legal right to block the passage of a craft or person. You do not have the right to tell anyone else where they can or cannot ride, sit, or fish, That is illegal. Only an authorized officer of DOBOR, DLNR, State Police, MPD, etc, have the legal authority to do that.

Emergency: When there is a serious threat of injury, accident, or to report any illegal activity, call 9-1-1

Report dangerous Kiteboarders: Anyone breaking the rules runs the risk of causing accidents and injuries to others. This is unacceptable behavior. Any complaints about kiters or accidents involving kiters can result in the drastic reduction of access or total loss of access for ALL kiters. Do not let anyone jeopardize our access or behave badly. Report all aggressive or reckless kiteboarders to the Parks Rangers, MPD, or DOBOR (DLNR).

  • Maui Police Department MPD Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Maui Police Department MPD Non-emergency: (808) 244-6400
  • Parks Rangers Enforcement: (808) 270-7230
  • DOBOR (DLNR) Maui: (808) 243-5824
  • DLNR Enforcement: (808) 643-DLNR