Our Responsibilities

Maui has a long history of water sports and ocean users. The beaches and ocean areas are busy with a wide range of activities and user groups. Kiteboarding came along much later than most of these sports and activities so we have had to learn how to fit in. All kiteboarders on Maui need to learn about other user groups, and how to respect them and allow each group to access the ocean freely and interact without any conflict or friction. MKA has helped create rules and guidelines that allow kiteboarders to participate in their sport with our creating a nuisance or hardship on others. We try to remind all kiters, local and visiting that we are part of a larger community and we need to respect the needs of others. Our duty is to inform and educate other kiters and the public that we are governing ourselves in a safe and responsible manner.

Being responsible and respectful water users will help us gain respect in the community, and to maintain our access to the ocean and beaches.