Please Sign the Petition to Save Kanaha

UPDATE: This petition is Currently Closed (for now).
Please help our voices be heard in Kanaha parks planning by Signing the petition below, or emailing or calling our Mayor, Parks Director, and Park Planners and tell them why closing the current parking areas and eliminating the near-shore access points will unfairly affect all beach users at Western Kanaha.

Maui Mayor  phone:  Ph: (808) 270-7855
Maui County Parks Dept,  (808) 270-7230
Planning Consultants Hawaii, John Summers (808) 268-4059

Here is the link to the Petition on CHANGE.ORG :

UPDATE: Petition Currently Closed (We have reached the 1400 signature mark). The Kanaha Parking Petition is Helping Inform Decision Makers and it is already having a positive effect. However, this battle is still not over. We need to keep sharing our stories and giving reasons for WHY Beach Access parking is Important to us. In your comments Please include Some clear reasons of “Which exact parking access (s) you use (each one is evaluated separately), and Why you Need this Parking to remain as is”, and How it would be burdensome if they close off near-shore vehicular access, and eliminate or move existing parking areas 100-200 meters or more away from the shoreline. Give reasons why they should keep all existing access and near-shore parking open, and add new parking where appropriate. Give reasons and describe things like your activity, the kind of gear you have to take with you, etc. What difference would it make to your enjoyment of the sport, your ability to access the ocean, and/or would it affect and change your desire to use the area, or perhaps drive you to use another area, causing changes in usage patterns, user density, or create user safety issues?  The more details given in the comments help to paint a clearer picture for the decision makers about How we use these places, and why they are important to us. They simply do not know the whys. This Petition is still one of the best tools we have to protect our beach.

For More Information go to Mauikiteboarding association Save Kanaha Page

or Go directly to the Save Kanaha Petition