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The  Maui Kiteboarding Association created "To promote safe and responsible kiteboarding and protect the access of kiteboarders to public beaches and waters."

Kiteboarding Threatened
on Maui's North Shore

MKA reminds members to encourage all north shore riders to stay out of upper Kanaha, and do not launch at Sprecks beach, Stable Road, Camp One, Baldwin, Paia Bay or Hookipa. These beaches are off limits to kiters.
KKa'a Point  - Swim Zone
Please do not kite close to Swimmers at Ka'a Point. There is also a designated swim zone in the rock pool. Never kite over the heads of bystanders or swimmers. If it is crowded, please launch somewhere else. This issue may ultimately cause the closure of this beach to kiteboarders.

Do not launch from Sugar Cove if you intend on doing a Downwinder, there have been repeated complaints from ATC for violations of the NoFly Zone from this beach.
Respect the flight-path !

Do not cut, trim or break any plants at Kanaha beach park. A recent unauthorized clean up at Kanaha by kiters damaged many plants. The parks dept and mayors office have received complaints and are investigating. Don't risk losing our access. 
Respect the Plants and Park Rules!

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NEWS: Sprecks Beach 
(New signage at Sprecks "euro" beach)

New sign clear about FAA "No-fly" Zone

Click here to read more about the rules and the right ways you can help to protect our coastal plants  Protect our Plants Page

MKA members are now encouraged to join the MKC,
Maui Kitesurfing Community to support the efforts to maintain the FAA waiver on Maui's North Shore.

Kite Instructor Training Courses ITC's
Assistant Course Sept 1st - 3rd,
Medic Fist Aid Course - Sept 5th,
Instructor Course Sept 6th -10th,  
Places limited, booking essential!
Call (808) 283-7913 for info.

Maui's north shore features a huge airport zone, and federally protected harbor facility as well as a variety of restricted and managed ocean areas. Click here to learn about the Kite Zones before you ride.

All Kitebording instruction on Maui is regulated by the Maui County Parks Dept. Only permitted schools are allowed to teach Kiteboarding. School must display their permit in their vehicle. Report any illegal instructors to the Park Rangers.

State Laws make it illegal for any one to do commercial activity on State beaches or land without a permit. There are are NO permitted Kiteboardng Activities on any State beach. So if you see someone teaching kitboarding on a State beach report them to DLNR.

ROW Rules Page
Before kiteboarding on Maui, please be sure that you know the Right of Way rules. Do not attempt to kite in the waves until you have read this!
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